I am Dave and the person behind ‘Running with Heart’

I have thought about blogging for a while, if anything just to get my thoughts written down and share views!

It is also a means for me to log my love for running and good (or bad) experiences along the way.

Although predominately about running, I will add other stories and thoughts as they come up in day to day life.

It will also allow me to keep track and progress on the issues I have with my heart! Basically I have had a few occasions where I have collapsed (unexplained syncope to give it the correct medical term!) whilst out running. The aftermath of this has often been greater than the event, but anyway there has been an ongoing investigation as to why it happens. The most likely scenario is an issue with the electrical signal to my heart (known as Long QT syndrome, or LQTS!)

Meanwhile I continue with my life and my running. I have ran 30 plus marathons so far, including a few at Ultra distance (maximum 60 miles though!) and have more planned.

I do struggle with nutrition and hydration so this will be a focus for the coming year!

It will be interesting for me to see if anyone else reads these posts…or is interested in what I am sharing!

Looking forward to see what happens!